Pudding Caramel Recipe

Back at home my mom always made this for us. Pudding caramel. Never tried before, this is my first time making puding caramel, and Alhamdulillah it's a success


- 4 eggs
- Vanilla essence 
- Sugar
- Fresh milk
- 1 spoon of water

Pour sugar and 1 spoon of water in the hot pan and stir the sugar until melt. It turns to brown yellowish.
Pour and cool the caramel in a loyang


- Mix eggs, vanilla essence, sugar, fresh milk
- Filter the mixture and pour on the cold caramel

Put in the oven 170 degree celcius, 30 minutes, api atas bawah

Done! Happy trying!

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Aku Nizam Hajizan said...

Nice photos with flat lay style.