Butter Chicken Recipe

Since two months ago, I have a pretty bad weekly headache. On Friday to be specific. Because Friday is my turn to cook. Now I fully comprehend moms' feeling when they ask us, "Hari ni nak makan apa?" The struggle is real, guys T_____T

I live with the other 4 girls who cook better than me for sure, and I get a little anxious to feed them every Friday because they feed me good for the rest 6 days

Today I did my second attempt on butter chicken. The first one turned out not so good, previous butter chicken was so dry, it looked like spicy fried chicken with a bit taste of butter :') It was edible, but not butter chicken by public definition

Anyways, today is the day, the day my butter chicken finally a success!

Haih even from picture you know it's a yummy :P


- 5 parts of chicken, any part
- An egg
- Rice flour
- Salt
- Sugar
- Curry powder

Mix all of these ingredients, keep for about 1 hour, and then fry until golden yellowish colour

- 2 spoon of butter
- Chili
- Curry leaves
- Slices of cheese
- Chicken cube 
- Milk, I use ordinary fresh milk
- Ground black pepper

1. Melt butter on hot pan
2. Put curry leaves and chilli in melted butter until it smells so good. Don't keep it too long, melted butter would dry
3. Pour milk, according to how you want it to be berkuah
4. Put cheese, let it melt
5. A bit of ground black pepper, not too much. Half of chicken cube. And a bit of salt.
6. Mix with fried chicken you prepared just now. Mix it just nice, don't keep it too long, it would turn out dry. Just to make sure the kuah evenly mix with chicken


Happy trying guys! 

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