Semester 3 International Baccalaureate

When I was scrolling Facebook timeline just now and I came across a junior's status post of how reckless Semester 3 IB is, and to be honest, I kind of can relate to that situation.

I am sure since the beginning of IB, many seniors would kind heartedly alert you that the challenge hasn't begin. Truth begins in Semester 3. I have to say, yes. Here are some advices to my juniors back in KMB who are now in their Semester 3

1. Stay up to finish your work but stay up with friends

Deadlines are for all. Therefore everyone must finish their work and submit before the set deadline. Honestly, if you leave your work and decide "ah fak it" you, really are fucking yourself with work. I tell you don't ever mess up with IA, WA, ToK, and EE. Obey the deadlines. If you need to burn the midnight oil, then burn. But don't burn yourself. To make yourself less stress, stay up with friends. I would strongly suggest your classmates. And do not waste your time by talking unnecessarily, gossips and all. Stay up together but settle own work. Please at least have a stay-up mate. During my time, my roommate was my classmate. And our classmates' rooms are all nearby. So we'd stay up at a room and finish our work together.

2. Don't ignore semester 3 even no one counts your result

I am sure there must be at least one person told you that semester 3 result is not important. No one wants to know. I'd like to tell you differently; IT IS IMPORTANT, IT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU. Believe me, no matter how you deny you won't feel down when looking at the low grades, you'd still feel down. At least study for your semester exam, so that even you don't do as well as you expect yourself to, you know you did your best for your exam.

Read consistently for your semester exam. And based on my observation and teachers' analysis, those who make up their cut off point in IB finals, they consistently improving their result. Okay maybe not me because I had 1 point downgrade in my semester 2. I got 30, 29, 33, and finally 38. But semester 2 wasn't about not studying, but time tu gatai nor bercinta haa terawang-awang sangat :')

3. If you fail in Semester 3, doesn't mean you're not making for IB final

When the result is finally out, please don't lose hope. Push yourself till the end of IB. There's a hope.

Ah gais, you really made me throwback to my good and 'good' time in KMB

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