Long Distance Relationship (LDR)

This is my first time ever writing about a man I love in my blog, so it will sound a bit awkward. I have to put it in between sweet but in the same time not freaky.

Frequent Asked Question

How do you guys do with long distance relationship?

I am not even 100% sure this is going to work out until three years time till I be back full-time in Malaysia but I hope what I'm gonna share would help some struggling hearts out there.

What's suck about distance isn't trust issue. I don't have any trust issue over my partner. Well to get jealous over a girl who replies his tweet with all those unnecessary smileys including HAHA when nothing is funny is perfectly normal, right? (:P) What's suck is the timezone and distance itself. Even if you both don't really cling and meet with counting-finger of times, but knowing that no matter what you do, without being rich enough to fly back and forth MY-UK, you ain't gonna meet that sweet piece. The thought of unreachable is sometimes unbearable. 

And the timezone... I hate Greenwich, anyway. It's sad when I have to keep him waiting at end of the line for my lecture and he ended up falling asleep. I feel so freaking guilty, but that's priority. And thinking as a world clock isn't easy either. Gotta plus minus 7 everytime you look at the clock, and we both suck in Maths. iPhone doesn't support LDR, it doesn't have any world clock widget display on the screen like Android. So we gotta check on world clock everytime -_- Really, iPhone?

So, I found this apps, named Couple. As poyo and geli as it sounds, yes it is for couple. A chatting apps only allow for two lovebirds.

The features I love are:
1. It shows Malaysia time for me, and UK time for him
2. It sync with facetime and calls
3. It has maps that calculate distance between him and I (but turned out it makes me even sadder)
4. It has Sketch feature I am happy to draw him uglily 
5. It has Calendar for us to update and we view our partner's schedule in our local time. It
6. It has Moments, a photo gallery that doesn't load into phone storage. So we can save all the memories without burdening storage (awww)
7. It has it's own passcode so my chat with my significant other is safe
8. It has own notification sounds so I could ignore my phone when all other unimportant notifications come in
9. It enables location sharing but we turned it off because basically any GPS-link apps drains your phone battery
10. It allows only two persons in an app, so it signifies that HE CAN ONLY HAVE ME *giggles*

I really, really, really love this apps because it makes LDR so much easier. I am not posting this to say I am convinced 100% we are a successful LDR, but to share so that I could save so many hearts out there. 

This apps is available in both iOS and Android. And also it has web chat that only requires email and password.

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